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The {{MediaWiki}} interwiki link template gives a link to a page in the wiki.


To get "Name of page in the wiki" as the default link label, and to also get the tag

appended, use

{{MediaWiki|Name of page in the wiki}}.

To get "link label" as the link label, without the above mentioned appended tag, use

{{MediaWiki|Name of page in the wiki|}}


{{MediaWiki|Name of page in the wiki|link label}}.


Code Result
{{MediaWiki|}} MediaWiki
{{MediaWiki|Help:Extension:ParserFunctions|}} Help:Extension:ParserFunctions
{{MediaWiki|Help:Extension:ParserFunctions|parser functions}} parser functions


-->{{#ifeq: {{{1|NIL}}} | NIL
| [[mediawikiwiki:MediaWiki|Welcome]]—[[mediawikiwiki:MediaWiki|]].
| [[mediawikiwiki:{{#if: {{{1|}}} | {{{1}}} | MediaWiki }}|{{#if: {{{2|}}}
  | {{{2}}}
  | {{#if: {{{1|}}} | {{{1}}} | MediaWiki }}
  }}]]{{#ifeq: {{{2|NIL}}} | NIL 
  | {{#if: {{{1|}}} 
    | —[[mediawikiwiki:MediaWiki|]].
    | <!-- no tag, since {{{1}}} was empty string -->  
  | <!-- no tag, since {{{2}}} was given (possibly empty string) -->

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