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Style Sheet for OEIS Wiki

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The Style Sheet covers general matters of style in the OEIS, both in the sequences and on the wiki. This style guide (Style Sheet for OEIS Wiki) provides additional guidance specific to the OEIS Wiki.

  • Wiki pages titles:
    • Grammatical number for Wiki pages titles: please use the singular whenever possible.
  • Wiki pages categories:
    • Categories should be created for topics where there are at least 4–5 pages. Categories with only one or two members should be deleted and the pages moved to the appropriate supercategory.
    • Categories generally use the plural.


Use wikitext tables (not HTML tables.) For consistent styling of tables, e.g. as the following table style:

Table title
Name Generating



of basis

Differences Partial sums Partial sums of reciprocals Sum of Reciprocals
3 Triangular
4 Square
5 Pentagonal

Copy and paste and adapt from the following wikitable text:

<!--== Wikitable color scheme is: [background: #f2f2f2; for table header] [background: #f9f9f9; for table cells] ==-->
{| class="wikitable" align="center" border="1" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="4" style="border-collapse: collapse; border: 1px solid darkgray; background: #f9f9f9; color: black; empty-cells: show; text-align: right;"
|+ '''Table title'''
|- style="background: #f2f2f2; color: black; text-align: center;"
! width="25" style="text-align: center;" | <math>N \,</math>
! style="text-align: center;" | Name
! style="text-align: center;" | Generating

! align="center" | Order

of basis
! align="center" | Differences
! align="center" | Partial sums
! align="center" | Partial sums of reciprocals
! align="center" | Sum of Reciprocals
| align="center" | '''3'''
| align="left" | [[Triangular numbers|Triangular]]
| align="center" | <math>\,</math>
| align="center" | <math>\,</math>
| align="center" | <math>\,</math>
| align="center" | <math>\,</math>
| align="center" | <math>\,</math>
| align="center" | <math>\,</math>
| align="center" | '''4'''
| align="left" | [[Square numbers|Square]]
| align="center" | <math>\,</math>
| align="center" | <math>\,</math>
| align="center" | <math>\,</math>
| align="center" | <math>\,</math>
| align="center" | <math>\,</math>
| align="center" | <math>\,</math>
| align="center" | '''5'''
| align="left" | [[Pentagonal numbers|Pentagonal]]
| align="center" | <math>\,</math>
| align="center" | <math>\,</math>
| align="center" | <math>\,</math>
| align="center" | <math>\,</math>
| align="center" | <math>\,</math>
| align="center" | <math>\,</math>
|}<br />

Internal links

Sequence numbers, like A000001, automatically link to the sequence page in the OEIS. Please DO NOT use the deprecated template forms A000001 or A000001. If you want to override the link text, use the interwiki form [[OEIS:A000001|Link text]].

The template {{OEIS|search string}} is also available for linking to search results.


We have to decide on conventions for web, arXiv, books, journals (papers), magazines (articles), ... (and have templates for each.)

Please read Talk:Style Sheet#Templates for references for more on this.
All the tentative reference templates (obtained from Wikipedia, we need approval from Neil Sloane and David Applegate before using them, in case they want to use a different standard for references)
Template:Cite book
Template:Cite journal (Template:Cite paper as redirect)
Template:Cite magazine (Template:Cite magazine article as redirect)
Template:Cite web
Template:Cite arXiv
Template:Citation (a generic reference template trying to choose the right specific template from parameters used)

work properly if you don't use a URL. If you use a URL, it gets wrapped properly in a link with title as label, but it also appears unwrapped at the end of the line (and it shouldn't, it doesn't in Wikipedia.) This I (or someone else...) still have to fix, but I will need strong coffee to delve into the Template:Citation/core template... which as you guess implements the core functionality shared by all the citation templates.

Neil Sloane approves of using those references templates. They all work properly, with the nagging spurious URL link that gets appended at the end if a URL is used, problem which does not occur within Wikipedia. This might have to do with the configuration of the MediaWiki software with the OEIS which is set to automatically create an external link when it recognizes one without explicitly saying so with single brackets (the MediaWiki software with Wikipedia does automatically create an external link when it recognizes one, while the references templates there work properly without the spurious URL link at the end) or maybe not...

  • Links to MathWorld: Use MathWorld template, e.g.
Ex. 1:
Weisstein, Eric W., Subfactorial, from MathWorld—A Wolfram Web Resource.
Ex. 2:
{{MathWorld|StirlingsApproximation|title = Stirling's Approximation}}
Weisstein, Eric W., Stirling's Approximation, from MathWorld—A Wolfram Web Resource.

"Authorship" and "Cite this page as" sections at end of all OEIS Wiki pages

The first version of this page was written by ...., Dec 45, 1893
Figures were provided by ...
John Smith added the generating functions on Dec ...
Further remarks added by ...

 Cite this page as
Daniel Forgues and others,
<a href="">Centered polygonal numbers</a>,
a page in the OEIS Wiki.

(or something like that)

The template {{Cite this page as}} is available for this purpose.

Cf. Talk:Style Sheet#"Authorship" and "Cite this page as" sections at end of all OEIS Wiki pages for copy of email from Neil Sloane.

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