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Keywords go in the Keywords field of an OEIS sequence entry. Keywords describe certain characteristics of a sequence and enable targeted searching.

Regular keywords (for permanent use)

Table of regular keywords
Keyword Description A-number
base Sequence is dependent on base used. A029976
bref Sequence is too short to do any analysis with. A003135
cofr A continued fraction expansion of a number. A001203
cons A decimal expansion of a number (occasionally some other base). A000796
core A fundamental sequence. A000012
dead An erroneous or duplicated sequence (the table contains a number of incorrect sequences that have appeared in the literature, with pointers to the correct versions). A185444
dumb An unimportant sequence. A085808
easy It is easy to produce terms of this sequence. A008592
eigen An eigensequence: a fixed sequence for some transformation. A000108
fini A confirmed (if not by definition, then by a proof) finite sequence. A056757
frac Numerators or denominators of sequence of rational numbers. A076512
full The full sequence is given (implies that the sequence is finite). A003173
hard Next term is not known and may be hard to find. Would someone please extend this sequence? A001220
hear This sequence has a graph audio deemed to be particularly interesting and/or beautiful. A000045
less This is a less interesting sequence and is less likely to be the one you were looking for. A144572
look This sequence has a graph visual deemed to be particularly interesting and/or beautiful. A099302
more More terms are needed! Would someone please extend this sequence? A005820
mult Multiplicative:
a (mn) = a (m) a (n)
gcd (m, n) = 1
nice An exceptionally nice sequence. A167408
nonn A sequence of nonnegative numbers (more precisely, all the displayed terms are nonnegative; it is not excluded that later terms in the sequence become negative). A000290
obsc Obscure, better description needed. A086267
sign Sequence contains negative numbers. A100700
tabf An irregular (or funny-shaped) array of numbers made into a sequence by reading it row by row. A027746
tabl A regular array of numbers, such as Pascal's triangle, made into a sequence by reading it row by row. A034851
unkn The definition or context is not known; anyone who can find a definition, formula, or recurrence is urged to add it to the OEIS. A058897
walk Counts walks or self-avoiding paths. A052179
word Depends on words for the sequence in some language. A001166

Administrative keywords (for temporary use)

Table of administrative keywords
Keyword Description
allocated The A-number has been allocated for a contributor, the entry is not ready to go live yet.
changed An older entry that has been modified within the last two weeks.
new New (added or modified within last two weeks, roughly).
probation Included on a provisional basis, but may be deleted later at the discretion of the editor.
recycled A proposed entry was rejected and now the A-number is available for another new entry.
uned Not edited. Sequences should be checked to see if: the sequence is worth including; the definition is sensible; the sequence is not already in the database; the English is correct; the different parts of the entry all have the correct prefixes: cross-references are in %Y lines, formulae in %F lines, etc.; any %H lines are correctly formatted (this is easy to get wrong); etc. The keyword “uned” indicates that this sequence was not edited, usually because of time pressure. Perhaps someone could edit this sequence.

New keywords

See: New keywords.

Suggestions for new keywords

See: Suggestions for new keywords.

Keywords currently in use

See: Keywords currently in use.

Deprecated keywords

See: Deprecated keywords.

See also

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