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Index to OEIS: Section Ro

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Index to OEIS: Section Ro

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Robbins , sequences related to :

Robbins constant: A073012
Robbins numbers: A005130*
Robbins numbers: see also A005160
Robbins numbers: see also matrices, alternating sign
Robbins triangle: A048601*, A029656/A029638, A102610

Robinson's constant: A001205*
Rogers-Ramanjuan , sequences related to :

Rogers-Ramanjuan continued fraction: A050203
Rogers-Ramanujan identities: A003114*, A003106*, A006141

Roman numerals for n: A006968*
Roman numerals: see also (1) A002904 A002963 A002964 A003587 A003588 A014287 A036741 A036741 A036742 A036743 A036746 A036786
Roman numerals: see also (2) A036787 A036788
Roman numerals: see also Index entries for sequences related to number of letters in n
Ron's sequence: A006255, A066400, A066401
rook tours, sequences related to :

rook tours: A003763*, A096121, A006071
rook tours: see also graphs, Hamiltonian
rook walks: see also graphs, Hamiltonian
Rooks:: A000903, A006071

rooted trees , sequences related to :

rooted trees , see also mobiles
rooted trees , see also trees
rooted trees , A000081* (unlabeled), A000169* (labeled)
rooted trees, (2,3), A001005
rooted trees, 1-2, A006893
rooted trees, 2-ary, see: rooted trees, binary
rooted trees, 2-colored, A000151, A004113, A005753, A029856, A031148, A032306, A038049, A038053, A038055*, A038057*, A038075, A038077, A052316
rooted trees, 3-ary, see: rooted trees, ternary
rooted trees, 3-colored, A006964, A029857, A038050, A038059*, A038061*, A038076, A038079, A047891
rooted trees, 4-ary, A019498, A036606, A036609-A036614, A036627-A036633
rooted trees, 4-colored, A052763
rooted trees, 5-ary, A019499, A036607, A036615-A036620, A036634-A035540
rooted trees, 5-colored, A052788
rooted trees, 6-ary, A019500, A036608, A036621-A036626, A036641-A036647
rooted trees, 7-ary, A019501
rooted trees, achiral, A003240, A003241*, A005627, A003237
rooted trees, asymmetric (1): A004111*, A005355, A005754, A007560, A022553, A031148, A032101-A032105, A035353, A038075, A038076
rooted trees, asymmetric (2): A038077, A038079, A038081-A038093, A048829-A048832, A052301, A052325, A055327-A055333
rooted trees, AVL: A006265, A029758, A036662, A134306, A143897, A228152, A228153, A228155
rooted trees, B-trees, A014535, A037026
rooted trees, binary (1): A000108 (Catalan numbers), A000671, A001190* (Wedderburn-Etherington numbers), A001699, A002572, A002844, A004019*
rooted trees, binary (2): A005588, A006223, A006365, A006679, A014167, A014168, A014169, A014171, A019275, A035010, A035102, A036602
rooted trees, binary (3): A036587, A036588, A036589, A036590, A036591, A036592, A036593, A036594, A036595, A036596, A036597, A036589
rooted trees, binary (4): A036599, A036600, A036601, A036656-A036658, A036661, A036774*, A063895
rooted trees, binary, see also: rooted trees, AVL; rooted trees, red-black
rooted trees, boron, A000671*
rooted trees, by generators, A007151, A108521*, A108522-A108525
rooted trees, by internal nodes, A108530
rooted trees, carbon, A000678
rooted trees, chiral planted, A005628
rooted trees, codes for, A005517, A005518
rooted trees, composite binary, A035102
rooted trees, constant, A051491, A051492, A051496
rooted trees, directed, A006964*
rooted trees, evolutionary, A007151
rooted trees, fixed points in, A005200*, A005202
rooted trees, game, A048829, A048830, A048831, A048832
rooted trees, genealogical, A003686
rooted trees, Greg, A005264*, A048160, A052300*, A052301
rooted trees, height 02, A000041 (partition numbers), A000110 (Bell numbers), A000551*
rooted trees, height 03, A000235*, A000258, A000552*, A001383, A001970, A036371, A036443, A036627, A036634, A036641, A038082, A048808, A050351
rooted trees, height 04 (1): A000299*, A000307, A000553*, A001384, A007713, A036372, A036419, A036587, A036593, A036609, A036615
rooted trees, height 04 (2): A036621, A036628, A036635, A036642, A038084, A038088, A048809, A050352
rooted trees, height 05 (1): A000342*, A000357, A001385, A007714, A036588, A036373, A036420, A036594, A036610, A036616, A036622
rooted trees, height 05 (2): A036629, A036636, A036643, A036662, A038085, A038089, A048810, A050353
rooted trees, height 06 (1): A000393*, A000405, A034823, A036589, A036374, A036421, A036595, A036611, A036617, A036623, A036630
rooted trees, height 06 (2): A036637, A036644, A038085, A038090, A048811
rooted trees, height 07 (1): A000418*, A001669, A034824, A036590, A036375, A036422, A036596, A036612, A036618, A036624, A036631
rooted trees, height 07 (2): A036638, A036645, A038086, A038091, A048812
rooted trees, height 08 (1): A000429*, A034825, A036376, A036423, A036591, A036597, A036613, A036619, A036625, A036632, A036639
rooted trees, height 08 (2): A036646, A038087, A038092, A048813
rooted trees, height 09, A034826, A036647, A036424, A036592, A036598, A036614, A036620, A036626, A036633, A048814
rooted trees, height 10, A036425, A036599, A048815
rooted trees, height 11, A036426, A036600
rooted trees, height 12, A036427, A036601
rooted trees, height of (1): A001699, A001853, A001854, A001864, A002658, A003686, A005588, A006223, A006893, A007715, A036370
rooted trees, height of (2): A036437, A036606, A036607, A036608, A038081, A038093, A048816, A072638
rooted trees, Husimi, A000237, A035082*, A035086, A035087*, A035351, A035352, A035353, A035357
rooted trees, hybrid binary, A007863, A011270, A011272, A011274
rooted trees, identity: see rooted trees, asymmetric
rooted trees, increasing: A008292
rooted trees, involution: A032035, A091481*, A091486*, A091488
rooted trees, lableling (Goebel), A061773, A061775, A005517, A005518
rooted trees, leaves, (cont): A055897
rooted trees, leaves, A003227, A008292, A055277*, A055278-A055289, A055302*, A055303-A055313, A055327-A055333
rooted trees, linear, see rooted trees, planar, planted
rooted trees, M-type, A006959, A052315
rooted trees, matched, A005750, A005753, A005754
rooted trees, nodes, A055544
rooted trees, noncrossing, A006629, A023053, A030980, A030981, A030982, A030983, A045721, A045722, A045737, A045738
rooted trees, normalized total height, A000435, A001863
rooted trees, of subsets, A005804, A005172, A036249*, A048802*
rooted trees, ordered, see: rooted trees, planar
rooted trees, oriented, A000151*, A005750, A005753, A005754
rooted trees, partially labeled, A000107, A000444, A000524, A000525
rooted trees, permutation, A005355, A050383*
rooted trees, phylogenetic, A000311, A005804, A006677, A006678, A006679
rooted trees, planar, A000758, A000957, A000958, A001895, A003239*, A007852-A007860, A014300, A014301, A022553, A032010, A032028, A033297, A047891
rooted trees, planar, A106361, A106362
rooted trees, planar, dyslexic (1): A032047, A032048, A032065, A032066, A032068, A032101-A032105, A032119, A032128, A032129*
rooted trees, planar, dyslexic (2): A032132, A032133, A038035*
rooted trees, planar, planted, A000108* (Catalan numbers), A032009, A032027, A032030, A050351, A050352, A050353, A014486
rooted trees, plane, encodings of , sequences related to :
rooted trees, plane, encodings of, (For the subsets of A014486 the sequence in parentheses gives the positions therein.)
rooted trees, plane, encoded as totally balanced binary strings: (01) A014486*, A057517 (A057518), A057119 (A057120), A057122 (A057123), A057547 (A057548), A061855 (A061856)
rooted trees, plane, encoded as totally balanced binary strings: (02) A075165 (A075161), A080069 (A080068), A080118 (A080119), A080263 (A080265), A080293 (A080295), A080299 (A080298)
rooted trees, plane, encoded as totally balanced binary strings: (03) A080973 (A080975), A080971 (A080970), A080981 (A080980), A081292 (A081291), A083932 (A083934), A083936 (A083930),
rooted trees, plane, encoded as totally balanced binary strings: (04) A083937 (A072795), A083939 (A083938), A083941 (A083940), A002542 (A083942), A084107 (A084108), A085224 (A085223)
rooted trees, planted, A003227, A005202, A006677, A006678, A006679, A006894, A007151
rooted trees, pointed, A000107*, A000243, A000312*, A008295
rooted trees, powers of enumerator, A000106, A000242, A000300, A000343, A000395, A000439, A000529
rooted trees, prime binary, A035010
rooted trees, projective plane: A006079, A006080*, A066317
rooted trees, quartic planted, A000598
rooted trees, red-black: A001131, A001137, A001138, A027383
rooted trees, search, A007077 , A007078, A019497-A019501
rooted trees, series-reduced planted (1): A000669, A001678*, A001859, A001860, A031148, A032030, A032068, A032105, A032119
rooted trees, series-reduced planted (2): A032132, A032133, A050381
rooted trees, series-reduced, A000311*, A001679*, A005804, A005805, A006677, A058735, A058737, A059123*, A007827*
rooted trees, spanning, A030438
rooted trees, steric planted, A000625, A000628
rooted trees, symmetries in planted, A003609, A003611, A003613, A003615, A007135, A007136
rooted trees, ternary, A000598*, A002658, A006894, A019497, A036370-A036376, A036419-A036427, A036437, A036443
rooted trees, triangle, A008295, A033185, A034781, A036370, A036437, A036602, A036606, A036607, A036608
rooted trees, trimmed, A002955*, A052318*, A052319
rooted trees, trimmed, see also: trees, with a forbidden limb
rooted trees, unary-binary, A002658, A029766*, A072638
rooted trees, with a forbidden limb, A002955, A014267, A014276
rooted trees, with(out) a primary branch, A027415, A027416
rooted trees: see also (1): A000226, A001257, A003120, A003238, A005373, A006850, A006871, A006900, A006930, A007439, A007562,
rooted trees: see also (2): A027852, A029855, A032305, A036765-A036778, A001257, A050395, A050396, A074045
rooted trees: see also mobiles
rooted trees: see also trees

rotation distance: A005152
rough numbers: see smooth numbers
row sums of a triangle, Maple code for: A151615
Rowland's prime-generating sequence: A106108*, A132199*, A137613, A191304
Rowland's prime-generating sequence: see also A084662, A084663, A134734, A134736, A134743, A134744, A135506, A139759, A141537, A166944, A166945, A167168, A167170, A167195, A167197, A167493, A167494, A167495, A168143, A168144
royal paths in a lattice: A006318*

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