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Index to OEIS: Section Cor

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Index to OEIS: Section Cor

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core partitions: t-core partitions for t=1..12: A177595 (triangle), A010054, A033687, A045831, A053723, A081622, A053724, A182803, A182804, A182805, A053691, A192061
core sequences  :

core sequences, (01): A000001 (groups), A000002 (Kolakoski), A000004 (0's), A000005 (divisors), A000007 (0^n), A000009 (distinct partitions), A000010 (totient), A000012 (1's), A000014 (series-reduced trees), A000019 (prim. perm. groups), A000027 (natural numbers), A000029 (necklaces), A000031 (necklaces), A000032 (Lucas), A000035 (0101...)
core sequences, (02): A000040 (primes), A000041 (partitions), A000043 (Mersenne), A000045 (Fibonacci), A000048 (necklaces), A000055 (trees), A000058 (Sylvester), A000069 (odious), A000079 (2^n), A000081 (rooted trees), A000085 (self-inverse perms.), A000088 (graphs), A000105 (polyominoes), A000108 (Catalan), A000109 (polyhedra)
core sequences, (03): A000110 (Bell), A000111 (Euler), A000112 (posets), A000120 (1's in n), A000123 (binary partitions), A000124 (Lazy Caterer), A000129 (Pell), A000140 (Kendall-Mann), A000142 (n!), A000161 (partitions into 2 squares), A000166 (derangements), A000169 (labeled rooted trees)
core sequences, (04): A000182 (tangent), A000203 (sigma), A000204 (Lucas), A000217 (triangular), A000219 (planar partitions), A000225 (2^n-1), A000244 (3^n), A000262 (sets of lists), A000272 (n^(n-2)), A000273 (directed graphs), A000290 (n^2), A000292 (tetrahedral)
core sequences, (05): A000302 (4^n), A000311 (Schroeder's fourth), A000312 (mappings), A000326 (pentagonal), A000330 (square pyramidal), A000364 (Euler or secant), A000396 (perfect), A000521 (j), A000578 (n^3), A000583 (n^4), A000593 (sum odd divisors), A000594 (Ramanujan tau), A000602 (hydrocarbons), A000609 (threshold functions), A000670 (preferential arrangements)
core sequences, (06): A000688 (abelian groups), A000720 (pi(n)), A000793 (Landau), A000796 (Pi), A000798 (quasi-orders or topologies), A000959 (Lucky), A000961 (prime powers), A000984 (binomial(2n,n)), A001003 (Schroeder's second problem), A001006 (Motzkin), A001034 (simple groups), A001037 (irreducible polynomials), A001045 (Jacobsthal), A001055 (multiplicative partition function), A001065 (sum of divisors), A001057 (all integers), A001097 (twin primes), A001113 (e), A001147 (double factorials), A001157 (sum of squares of divisors), A001190 (Wedderburn-Etherington), A001221 (omega), A001222 (Omega), A001227 (odd divisors), A001285 (Thue-Morse), A001333 (sqrt(2))
core sequences, (07): A001349 (connected graphs), A001358 (semiprimes), A001405 (binomial(n,n/2)), A001462 (Golomb), A001477 (integers), A001478 (negatives), A001481 (sums of 2 squares), A001489 (negatives), A001511 (ruler function), A001615 (sublattices), A001699 (binary trees), A001700 (binomial(2n+1, n+1)), A001519 (Fib. bisection),A001764 (C3n,n)/(2n+1)), A001906 (Fib. bisection), A001969 (evil), A002033 (perfect partitions), A002083 (Narayana-Zidek-Capell), A002106 (transitive perm. groups), A002110 (primorials), A002113 (palindromes), A002275 (repunits)
core sequences, (08): A002322 (psi), A002378 (pronic), A002426 (central trinomial coefficients), A002487 (Stern), A002530 (sqrt(3)), A002531 (sqrt(3)), A002572 (binary rooted trees), A002620 (quarter-squares), A002654 (re: sums of squares), A002658 (3-trees), A002808 (composites), A003094 (connected planar graphs), A003136 (Loeschian), A003418 (LCM), A003484 (Hurwitz-Radon), A004011 (D_4), A004018 (square lattice)
core sequences, (09): A004526 (ints repeated), A005036 (dissections), A005100 (deficient), A005101 (abundant), A005117 (squarefree), A005130 (Robbins), A005230 (Stern), A005408 (odd), A005470 (planar graphs), A005588 (binary rooted trees), A005811 (runs in n), A005843 (even), A006318 (royal paths or Schroeder numbers), A006530 (largest prime factor)
core sequences, (10): A006882 (n!!), A006894 (3-trees), A006966 (lattices), A007318 (Pascal's triangle), A008275 (Stirling 1), A008277 (Stirling 2), A008279 (permutations k at a time), A008292 (Eulerian), A008683 (Moebius), A010060 (Thue-Morse), A018252 (nonprimes), A020639 (smallest prime factor), A020652 (fractal), A020653 (fractal), A025487 (prime sigs.), A027641 (Bernoulli), A027642 (Bernoulli), A035099 (j_2), A038566 (fractal), A038567 (fractal), A038568 (fractal), A038569 (fractal), A049310 (Chebyshev), A055512 (lattices)
core sequences, (11): A070939 (binary length), A074206 (ordered factorizations), A104725 (complementing systems), , A226898 (Hooley's Delta), A246655 (prime powers)

corners: A006330, A006332, A006333, A006334, A232467
correlations, sequences related to :

correlations: A005434
correlations: see also (1) A006606, A010559, A010560, A010561, A010562, A010563, A010564, A010565, A045690, A045691, A045692, A045693
correlations: see also (2) A045694, A045695, A045696, A045697, A053043

cos(nx), sequences related to cos(x) etc. :

cos(nx): A028297 (table)
cos(x):: A001250, A003701, A000795, A005766, A003703, A005647, A005046, A002084, A003709, A003728, A003710, A002085, A003711
cosec(x), Taylor series for: A036280*/A036281*, A001896*/A001897*
cosecant numbers: see cosec(x)
cosh x / cos x, Taylor series for: A000795*, A005647
cosh(x):: A002459, A003727, A003719, A003700, A003702

Costas arrays: A008404*, A001440*, A001441*, A001442, A008403
cot(x), Taylor series for: A002431*/A036278*
cotangent numbers: A002431*/A036278*
Cotes numbers: are called Cotesian numbers in OEIS
Cotesian numbers, sequences related to :

Cotesian numbers: A100640/A100641, A100640/A100641, A100643/A100644, A100645/A100646, A100647/A100648, A002176, A002177, A002178, A002179

cototient(n): A051953
counter moving puzzle: A004138
counting numbers: A000027*
covering codes: see codes, covering
covering designs: see covering numbers
covering numbers , sequences related to :

covering numbers, C(v,k,t) is the smallest number of k-subsets of an n-set such that every t-subset is contained in at least one of the k-subsets
covering numbers: (1) A011975, A011976, A011977, A011978, A011979, A011980, A011981, A011982, A011983, A011984, A011985, A011986
covering numbers: (2) A011987, A011988, A011989, A011990, A066009, A066010, A066011, A066019, A066040, A066041, A066137, A066140
covering numbers: (3) A066225, A066701
covering numbers: 2-covers: A002620, A002718, A020554, A014500, A057963, A060053, A146563
covering numbers: on-line tables of: Covering Designs by Dan Gordon, formerly La Jolla Repository of Coverings (LJRC)

covering radius of codes: see codes, covering
covers of an n-set , sequences related to :

covers of an n-set (1): A000371*, A003465*, A007537*, A035348*, A046165*, A049055*, A049056*, A055080*
covers of an n-set (2): A005771, A005744, A005745, A005746, A005747, A005748, A005783, A005784, A005785, A005786, A055066, A003465
covers of an n-set (3): A003467, A003468, A003469, A003486

Coxeter-Todd 12-dimensional lattice: see K12 lattice
Critical exponents:: A007181, A007180
Croatian: A056597
Croatian: see also Index entries for sequences related to number of letters in n
crossing , sequences related to :

crossing a road: A005315*
crossing a road: see also meanders
crossing number, rectlinear: A014540
crossing numbers of graphs: A000241*, A007333, A014540, A030179

crystal ball sequences , sequences related to :

crystal ball sequences: (1) A001360, A001361, A001845, A001846, A001847, A001848, A001849, A003215, A005891, A005902, A007202, A007204
crystal ball sequences: (2) A007904, A008349, A008356, A008358, A008360, A008362, A008377, A008379, A008384, A008386, A008388, A008390
crystal ball sequences: (3) A008392, A008394, A008396, A008398, A008400, A008402, A008417, A008419, A008421, A008577, A008580, A008922
crystal ball sequences: (4) A010025

Crystal classes:: A004028, A004027, A004032, A004031
crystallographic groups: see groups, crystallographic
crystals: see also OEIS Index entries for sequences related to coordination sequences
crystobalite lattice: A005392

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