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A330584 The orders, with repetition, of the non-cyclic finite simple groups that are subquotients of the automorphism groups of sublattices of the Leech lattice. 2
60, 168, 360, 504, 660, 1092, 2448, 2520, 3420, 4080, 5616, 6048, 6072, 7800, 7920, 20160, 20160, 25920, 62400, 95040, 126000, 181440, 443520, 604800, 979200, 1451520, 1814400, 3265920, 4245696, 10200960 (list; graph; refs; listen; history; text; internal format)



Note: not every sublattice of the Leech lattice is necessarily a section of the Leech lattice. For example, every Niemeyer lattice is commensurable with the Leech lattice; thus the orders of the simple components of their automorphism groups are in this list, even when those groups are not sections of Co0.

By a theorem of Conway and Sloane, any simple group with a cover that has a crystallographic representation in <= 21 dimensions is in this list.

This is a subsequence of A330583.


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Hal M. Switkay, Table of n, a(n) for n = 1..56

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All simple groups of order less than 9828 have crystallographic representations within sublattices of the Leech lattice. The smallest nontrivial crystallographic representation of L2(27), of order 9828, is 26-dimensional.


Cf. A109379, A080683, A330583.

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Hal M. Switkay, Dec 18 2019



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