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A302553 Hyper-4 powers that are not hyper-5 powers. 1


%S 16,27,256,3125,46656,823543,16777216,387420489,10000000000,

%T 285311670611,8916100448256,302875106592253,11112006825558016,

%U 437893890380859375,18446744073709551616,827240261886336764177,39346408075296537575424,1978419655660313589123979,104857600000000000000000000

%N Hyper-4 powers that are not hyper-5 powers.

%C A term is in this sequence if it is in A257309 but not in A257769.

%Y Cf. A257309, A257769.

%K nonn

%O 1,1

%A _Natan Arie' Consigli_, Jul 08 2018

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