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A295353 Values of n for which pi_{8,7}(p_n) - pi_{8,1}(p_n) = -1, where p_n is the n-th prime and pi_{m,a}(x) is the number of primes <= x which are congruent to a (mod m). 2
6035005477560, 6035005477596, 6035005477608, 6035005477618, 6035005477620, 6035005477623, 6035005477632, 6035005478719, 6035005478725, 6035005478730, 6035005478822, 6035005478826, 6035005478829, 6035005478863, 6035005478866, 6035005478874, 6035005479026, 6035005479132, 6035005479158, 6035005479163 (list; graph; refs; listen; history; text; internal format)



This sequence is a companion sequence to A295354. The sequence with the first found pi_{8,7}(p_n) - pi_{8,1}(p_n) sign-changing zone contains 234937 terms (see a-file) with a(237937) = 6053968231350 as its last term.


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Cf. A007350, A007351, A038691, A051024, A051025, A066520, A096628, A096447, A096448, A199547, A275939, A295354

Sequence in context: A324206 A204349 A094910 * A210588 A023051 A003826

Adjacent sequences:  A295350 A295351 A295352 * A295354 A295355 A295356




Andrey S. Shchebetov and Sergei D. Shchebetov, Nov 20 2017



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