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A288941 a(n) is the least natural number not included earlier having all decimal digits except the digits in n; if n is pandigital or zeroless pandigital, a(n) is simply the least natural number not included earlier. 0
123456789, 203456789, 103456789, 102456789, 102356789, 102346789, 102345789, 102345689, 102345679, 102345678, 23456789, 203456798, 30456789, 20456789, 20356789, 20346789, 20345789, 20345689, 20345679, 20345678, 13456789 (list; graph; refs; listen; history; text; internal format)



A rearrangement of the natural numbers by definition as there are an infinite number of pandigital numbers (A171102) and zeroless pandigital numbers (A050289).

Leading zeros are not permitted. The "zeroless pandigital" criterion is used also because there is just one number with the digit 0 only and we wish all terms to be distinct.

What values are a(A050289(1)) = a(123456789) and a(A171102(1)) = a(1023456789)?


Table of n, a(n) for n=0..20.

Index entries for sequences that are permutations of the natural numbers


For n = 0, a(0) = 123456789, the least natural number containing all decimal digits but the digit 0.

For n = 11, a(11) = 203456798, which has all decimal digits but the digit 1 and is the first such number with that property that is larger than 203456789 (= a(1)).


Cf. A050289, A171102.

Sequence in context: A180408 A050289 A204140 * A175547 A053654 A240587

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