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A244150 Numbers b such that b^262144+1 is prime. 5
24518, 40734, 145310, 361658, 525094, 676754, 773620, 1415198, 1488256, 1615588, 1828858, 2042774, 2514168, 2611294, 2676404, 3060772 (list; graph; refs; listen; history; text; internal format)



Base values b yielding a generalized Fermat prime b^(2^k)+1 for k=18.


Table of n, a(n) for n=1..16.

C. Caldwell, The largest known primes (Primes with 600,000 or more digits)

H. Dubner and Y. Gallot, Distribution of generalized Fermat prime numbers, Math. Comp., 71 (2002), 825-832.

M. Goetz, GFN Prime Discoveries, PrimeGrid forum.

J. S. S. Nielsen, Generalized Fermat Primes sorted by base (See table at the bottom of the page.)

PrimeGrid, Announcement of b=40734

PrimeGrid, Announcement of b=145310

PrimeGrid, Announcement of b=361658

PrimeGrid, Announcement of b=525094

PrimeGrid, Announcement of b=676754

PrimeGrid, Announcement of b=773620

PrimeGrid, Announcement of b=1415198

PrimeGrid, Announcement of b=1488256

PrimeGrid, Announcement of b=1615588

PrimeGrid, Announcement of b=1828858

PrimeGrid, Announcement of b=2042774

PrimePages, 1488256^262144 + 1

PrimePages, 1615588^262144 + 1


Cf. A056993, A005574, A006315, A006316, A226528, A226529, A226530, A251597, A253854, A243959.

Sequence in context: A237207 A224423 A258441 * A229798 A195655 A203983

Adjacent sequences:  A244147 A244148 A244149 * A244151 A244152 A244153




Felix Fröhlich, Jun 21 2014


a(8), announced in message 92163 in PrimeGrid forum, added by Felix Fröhlich, Feb 17 2016

a(9), a(10) sent by Maximilian Pacher, Jun 27 2016, and a(11) on Aug 24 2016. - N. J. A. Sloane

a(12) from Felix Fröhlich, Nov 27 2016

a(13)-a(16) from Jeppe Stig Nielsen, Sep 06 2017



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