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A198784 Primes from merging of 10 successive digits in decimal expansion of Euler-Mascheroni constant (in the order of appearance). 17
7215664901, 1566490153, 3286060651, 6060651209, 9008240243, 4310421593, 2159335939, 9235988057, 8486772677, 8070824809, 2836224173, 3622417399, 3997644923, 33374293, 2582470949, 6008735203, 87352039, 3151776611, 5015079847, 7400299213, 3139925401, 3754139549 (list; graph; refs; listen; history; text; internal format)



Leading zeros are permitted, so some terms are less than 10 digits in length.

See A104944 for the variant where no leading zeros are allowed. - M. F. Hasler, Nov 01 2014


Vincenzo Librandi, Table of n, a(n) for n = 1..1000


egp[len_]:=Module[{egterms=FromDigits/@Partition[RealDigits[EulerGamma, 10, 1000][[1]], len, 1]}, Select[egterms, PrimeQ[#]&]]; egp[10]


(PARI) list_A198784(x=Euler, m=10)=m=10^m; for(k=1, default(realprecision), isprime(p=x\.1^k%m)&&print1(p", ")) \\ The optional arguments can be used to produce other sequences of this series (cf. Crossrefs). Use e.g. \p999 to set precision to 999 digits. - M. F. Hasler, Nov 01 2014


For the Euler-Mascheroni constant, see also A198776, A198777, A198778, A198779, A198780, A198781, A198782, A198783, A198784 (this sequence) and A104944 (a variant).

For sqrt(2), see A198162, A198163, A198164, A198165, A198166, A198167, A198168, A198169, A198161.

For e, see A104843, A104844, A104845, A104846, A104847, A104848, A104849, A104850, A104851.

For Pi, see A198175, A198170, A104824, A104825, A104826, A198171, A198172, A198173, A198174.

For the Golden Ratio, see A198177, A103773, A103789, A103793, A103808, A103809, A103810, A103811, A103812.

Sequence in context: A082255 A216867 A095926 * A104944 A257899 A199632

Adjacent sequences:  A198781 A198782 A198783 * A198785 A198786 A198787




Harvey P. Dale, Oct 29 2011



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