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A165467 Positions of zeros in A165466. Fixed points of A166043/A166044. 5
0, 8, 9, 105, 1126, 6643718, 6643719, 6643727, 6643728, 6643729, 6643735, 6643736, 6643743, 6643744, 6643745, 6643752, 7746856, 7746857, 7746886, 7746887, 7746888, 7746889, 7747606, 7747718, 7747719, 7747720, 7747737 (list; graph; refs; listen; history; text; internal format)



Here is a little parable for illustrating the magnitudes of the numbers involved. Consider two immortal sage kings traveling on the infinite chessboard, visiting every square at a leisurely pace of one square per day. Both start their journey at the beginning of the year from the upper left-hand corner square at Day 0 (being sages, they can comfortably stay in the same square). One decides to follow the Hilbert I type walk (as in A163357) on his never-ending journey, while the other follows the Hilbert II type walk (as in A163336; both walks are illustrated in entry A166043). This sequence gives the days when they will meet, when they both arrive at the same square on the same day.

From the corner, one king walks first towards the east, while the other walks towards the south, so their paths diverge at the beginning. However, about a week later (Day 8), they meet again on square (2,2), two squares south and two squares east of the starting corner. The next day they are both traveling towards the south, so they meet also on Day 9, at square (3,2). After that, they meet briefly three months later (Day 105), and also about three years later (Day 1126), after which they loathe each other so much that they both walk in solitude for the next 18189 (eighteen thousand one hundred and eighty nine) years before they meet again, total of eleven times in just about one month's time (days 6643718-6643752). - Antti Karttunen, Oct 13 2009


A. Karttunen, Table of n, a(n) for n = 0..29


Subset of A165480. Cf. also A165465, A163901.

Sequence in context: A116249 A256162 A175556 * A239584 A041141 A041142

Adjacent sequences:  A165464 A165465 A165466 * A165468 A165469 A165470




Antti Karttunen, Oct 06 2009



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