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A156117 Smaller of two successive primes using the same digits such that the hundreds digit is the most significant digit to differ. 0
48091, 64091, 116293, 139091, 145091, 162091, 244091, 250091, 276781, 321091, 359783, 456293, 558091, 623071, 666091, 684091, 708091, 771091, 810091, 831091, 836071, 873091, 877091, 897781, 939091, 1032071, 1041091, 1065091, 1087091 (list; graph; refs; listen; history; text; internal format)



One of the other two less significant digits (and possibly both) will also differ.

Most of the Ormiston prime pairs referenced in A069567 differ only in the two least significant digits.


Table of n, a(n) for n=1..29.


18379 is not included since the next prime 18397 does not change the hundreds digit even though the same digits are used.

64091 is included because the next prime is 64109 which uses the same digits and the hundreds digit is the most significant digit changed.

29610901 is not included because the next prime is 29611009 which differs in the thousands digit.


Cf. A069567 properly contains this sequence.

Sequence in context: A043615 A252949 A203547 * A254771 A254778 A254724

Adjacent sequences:  A156114 A156115 A156116 * A156118 A156119 A156120




Ki Punches, Feb 12 2009


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