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A152933 Number of sets (in the Hausdorff metric geometry) at each location between two sets defining a polygonal configuration consisting of k 6-gonal polygonal components chained with string components of length 2 as k varies. 8
18, 1197, 80361, 5394960, 362185569, 24314987763, 1632363850242, 109587212856081, 7357034536009605, 493907598828348264 (list; graph; refs; listen; history; text; internal format)



S. Schlicker, L. Morales, D. Schultheis, Polygonal chain sequences in the space of compact sets, J. Integer Seq. 12 (2009), no. 1, Article 09.1.7, 23 pp.


Table of n, a(n) for n=1..10.


with(combinat): a := proc(n) local aa, b, c, d, lambda, delta, R, S, F, L, m, l: m:=3: l:=2: F := n -> fibonacci(n): L := n -> fibonacci(n-1)+fibonacci(n+1): aa := (m, l) -> L(2*m)*F(l-2)+F(2*m+2)*F(l-1): b := (m, l) -> L(2*m)*F(l-1)+F(2*m+2)*F(l): c := (m, l) -> F(2*m+2)*F(l-2)+F(m+2)^2*F(l-1): d := (m, l) -> F(2*m+2)*F(l-1)+F(m+2)^2*F(l): lambda := (m, l) -> (d(m, l)+aa(m, l)+sqrt((d(m, l)-aa(m, l))^2+4*b(m, l)*c(m, l)))*(1/2): delta := (m, l) -> (d(m, l)+aa(m, l)-sqrt((d(m, l)-aa(m, l))^2+4*b(m, l)*c(m, l)))*(1/2): R := (m, l) -> ((lambda(m, l)-d(m, l))*L(2*m)+b(m, l)*F(2*m+2))/(2*lambda(m, l)-d(m, l)-aa(m, l)): S := (m, l) -> ((lambda(m, l)-aa(m, l))*L(2*m)-b(m, l)*F(2*m+2))/(2*lambda(m, l)-d(m, l)-aa(m, l)): simplify(R(m, l)*lambda(m, l)^(n-1)+S(m, l)*delta(m, l)^(n-1)); end proc;


Cf. A152927, A152928, A152929, A152930, A152931, A152932, A152934, A152935

Sequence in context: A052135 A033518 A064564 * A177602 A252969 A182286

Adjacent sequences:  A152930 A152931 A152932 * A152934 A152935 A152936




Steven Schlicker (schlicks(AT)gvsu.edu), Dec 15 2008



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