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A136087 Son primes of order 10. 13


%S 3,7,11,13,19,23,37,41,59,61,67,71,73,89,101,107,109,113,127,137,139,

%T 151,167,179,181,193,197,211,223,227,239,241,257,269,271,293,311,331,

%U 347,349,353,359,367,373,409,419,421,439,443,463,479,487,491,499,509

%N Son primes of order 10.

%C For smallest son primes of order n see A136027 (also definition). For son primes of order 1 see A023208. For son primes of order 2 see A023218. For son primes of order 3 see A023225. For son primes of order 4 see A023235. For son primes of order 5 see A136082. For son primes of order 6 see A136083. For son primes of order 7 see A136084. For son primes of order 8 see A136085. For son primes of order 8 see A136086

%t n = 10; a = {}; Do[If[PrimeQ[(Prime[k] - 2n)/(2n + 1)], AppendTo[a, (Prime[k] - 2n)/(2n + 1)]], {k, 1, 1000}]; a

%t q=20;lst={};Do[p=Prime[n];If[PrimeQ[(q+1)*p+q],AppendTo[lst,p]],{n,6!}];lst (* _Vladimir Joseph Stephan Orlovsky_, Mar 10 2009 *)

%Y Cf. A023208, A023218, A023225, A023235, A094524, A136019, A136020, A136026, A136027, A023208, A136082, A136083, A136084, A136085, A136086, A136088, A136089, A136090, A136091.

%K nonn

%O 1,1

%A _Artur Jasinski_, Dec 12 2007

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