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A129893 a(n) = s!/(s-n)! where s = (n*(n+1)/2)+1. 2
1, 2, 12, 210, 7920, 524160, 53721360, 7866331200, 1556675366400, 399790821830400, 129210868410624000, 51295616536721356800, 24529502681864788608000, 13903600298770901182464000 (list; graph; refs; listen; history; text; internal format)



Bread Shop Open!. We have a loaf of bread which has a kernel of corns irregularly inside. We cut the loaf n times getting the maximal number (s, see A000124) of pieces and distribute one piece to each of n people. The remaining pieces of bread will be the prize for the winner. The sequence gives the number of cases when n pieces are distributed to n persons.


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a(n) = sPn, where s=(n*(n+1)/2)+1.


a(2)=12 s=4,n=2 because we can write 12=4*3.

a(3)=210 s=7,n=3 because we can write 210=7*6*5.


seq((n*(n+1)/2+1)!/(n*(n+1)/2+1-n)!, n=0..13); # Paolo P. Lava, Aug 22 2018


Table[s=(n(n+1))/2+1; s!/(s-n)!, {n, 0, 20}] (* Harvey P. Dale, Nov 15 2012 *)

#[[1]]!/(#[[1]]-#[[2]])!&/@With[{nn=20}, Thread[{Accumulate[ Range[0, nn]]+ 1, Range[0, nn]}]] (* Harvey P. Dale, Sep 12 2015 *)



a129893 n = a129893_list !! n

a129893_list = 1 : zipWith div (tail fs) fs where

   fs = map a000142 a000124_list

-- Reinhard Zumkeller, Oct 03 2012


Cf. A000124, A107868, A129933.

Cf. A000142.

Sequence in context: A306715 A012598 A156489 * A008352 A082491 A292812

Adjacent sequences:  A129890 A129891 A129892 * A129894 A129895 A129896




Kim Dong Seok (Go Jae Song, Nam Dae Young) from KNU (gjs0419(AT)nate.com), Jun 04 2007


Typo fixed in a(13) by Reinhard Zumkeller, Oct 03 2012



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