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A119648 Orders for which there is more than one simple group. 2
20160, 4585351680, 228501000000000, 65784756654489600, 273457218604953600, 54025731402499584000, 3669292720793456064000, 122796979335906113871360, 6973279267500000000000000, 34426017123500213280276480 (list; graph; refs; listen; history; text; internal format)



All such orders are composite numbers (since there is only one group of any prime order).

Orders which are repeated in A109379.

Contribution from Dushan Pagon (dushanpag(AT)gmail.com), Jun 27 2010: Except for the first number, these are the orders of symplectic groups C_n(q)=Sp_{2n}(q), where n>2 and q is a power of an odd prime number (q=3,5,7,9,11,...). Also these are the orders of orthogonal groups B_n(q).


See A001034 for references and other links.

C. Cato, The orders of the known simple groups as far as one trillion, Math. Comp., 31 (1977), 574-577. [From Dushan Pagon (dushanpag(AT)gmail.com), Jun 27 2010]

J. H. Conway, R. T. Curtis, S. P. Norton, R. A. Parker and R. A. Wilson, ATLAS of Finite Groups. Oxford Univ. Press, 1985. [From Dushan Pagon (dushanpag(AT)gmail.com), Jun 27 2010]

Kimmerle et al., Composition Factors from the Group Ring and Artin's Theorem on Orders of Simple Groups, Proc. London Math. Soc., (3) 60 (1990), 89-122. [From Dushan Pagon (dushanpag(AT)gmail.com), Jun 27 2010]


Table of n, a(n) for n=1..10.

L. E. Dickson, Linear Groups with an Exposition of the Galois Field Theory [From Dushan Pagon (dushanpag(AT)gmail.com), Jun 27 2010]

David A. Madore, Orders of non-Abelian simple groups

Wikipedia, Classification of finite simple groups [From Dushan Pagon (dushanpag(AT)gmail.com), Jun 27 2010]

Index entries for sequences related to groups


For n>1, a(n) is obtained as (1/2) q^(m^2)Prod(q^(2i)-1, i=1..m) for appropriate m>2 and q equal to a power of some odd prime number. [From Dushan Pagon (dushanpag(AT)gmail.com), Jun 27 2010]


Contribution from Dushan Pagon (dushanpag(AT)gmail.com), Jun 27 2010: (Start)

For n=1 the a(1)=|A_8|=8!/2=20160,

for n=2 the a(2)=|C_3(3)|=4585351680, for n=3 the a(3)=|C_3(5)|=228501000000000 and

for n=4 the a(4)=|C_4(3)|=65784756654489600. (End)


(Other) sp(n, q) 1/2 q^n^2.(q^(2.i) - 1, i, 1, n) [From Dushan Pagon (dushanpag(AT)gmail.com), Jun 27 2010] [This line contained some nonascii characters which were unreadable]


Cf. A000001, A000679, A005180, A001228, A060793, A056866, A056868, A119630.

Cf. A001034 (orders of simple groups without repetition), A109379 (orders with repetition).

Sequence in context: A305186 A181233 A262776 * A127224 A235523 A235520

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N. J. A. Sloane, Jul 29 2006


Extended up to the 10th term by Dushan Pagon (dushanpag(AT)gmail.com), Jun 27 2010



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