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A116386 Number of calendar weeks in the year n (starting at n=0 for the year 2000). 1


%S 54,53,53,53,53,53,53,53,53,53,53,53,53,53,53,53,53,53,53,53,53,53,53,

%T 53,53,53,53,53,54,53,53,53,53,53,53,53,53,53,53,53,53,53,53,53,53,53,

%U 53,53,53,53,53,53,53,53,53,53,54,53,53,53,53,53,53,53,53,53,53,53,53

%N Number of calendar weeks in the year n (starting at n=0 for the year 2000).

%C Since 365/7 = 52.14 > 52, every year has at least 53 weeks (although the first and / or the last calendar weeks might not be complete and belong to two different years). Only if a leap year begins in a Saturday (the last day of the calendar week), a year can have 54 different calendar weeks (being the first and last of only one day). Years with 54 calendar weeks are: 2000, 2028, 2056, 2084, 2124, 2152, etc. It happens 13 times in a 400 year cycle.

%H <a href="/index/Ca#calendar">Index entries for sequences related to calendars</a>

%e E.g. a(0)=54 because the year 2000 had 54 calendar weeks (since Jan 01 2000 was a Saturday and Dec 31 2000 was a Sunday)

%Y Cf. A060512, A061251, A003786, A090651, A101312.

%K nonn,easy

%O 0,1

%A _Sergio Pimentel_, Mar 15 2006

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