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A110459 Integers with mutual residues -7. 0


%S 8,15,113,13553,183778673,33774601936091633,

%T 1140723735941444920716624925248113,

%U 1301250641740207358399613061389386702544244320473228561469086797553

%N Integers with mutual residues -7.

%C This is the special case k=7 of sequences with mutual residues -k. In general, a(1)=k+1 and a(n)=min{m | m>a(n-1), mod(m,a(i))=-k, i=1,...,n-1}.

%C An infinite coprime sequence

%H S. Mustonen, <a href="http://www.survo.fi/papers/resseq.pdf">On integer sequences with mutual k-residues</a>

%F a(1)=8, a(2)=15, a(n)=-1+a(1)*a(2)*...*a(n-1)

%F a(n)=a(n)^2+7*a(n)-7, n>3

%p a:=proc(k,n::nonnegint) option remember; if n<3 then RETURN(n*k+1); fi; if n=3 then RETURN(a(k,1)*a(k,2)-k); fi; a(k,n-1)*(a(k,n-1)+k)-k; end; seq(a(7,n),n=1..8);

%K nonn

%O 1,1

%A _Seppo Mustonen_, Sep 11 2005

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