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A110094 Startorial primes. 0


%S 2,3,5,7,23,719,5039,1451521,2903041,5806081,46448639,92897281,

%T 371589121,10032906239,30098718719,270888468479,812665405439,

%U 7313988648961,21941965946881,89874292518420479

%N Startorial primes.

%C These are primes of the form A109834 startorials (base 10) +1 or -1. This is by analogy to factorial primes (A002981), superfactorial primes (A073828), hyperfactorial primes, ultrafactorial primes (comment in A046882), subfactorial primes (A100015), double factorial primes (A080778), multifactorial primes (A037083).

%F {a(n)} = {A109834(k)+1 an element of A000040, or A109834(k)-1 an element of A000040, for some k}.

%Y Cf. A000040, A002981, A073828, A080778, A037083, A100015, A103317, A046882, A109834.

%K base,easy,nonn

%O 1,1

%A _Jonathan Vos Post_, Sep 04 2005

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