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A105628 Row sums of triangle A105626. 1


%S 1,4,25,208,2152,26524,378700,6142948,111593932,2244992404,

%T 49561796380,1191625266388,31001841211852,867899276874964,

%U 26017959787456060,831650920910208628,28237504357447540972,1014987937635390612724

%N Row sums of triangle A105626.

%C A105626 equals the cube of the matrix square-root of triangle A105615.

%o (PARI) {a(n)=local(R,M=matrix(n+3,n+3,m,j,if(m>=j,if(m==j,1,if(m==j+1,-2*j, polcoeff(1/sum(i=0,m-j,(2*i)!/i!/2^i*x^i)+O(x^m),m-j)))))^-3); R=(M+M^0)/2;for(i=1,floor(2*log(n+2)),R=(R+M*R^(-1))/2); return(if(n<0,0,sum(k=0,n,R[n+1,k+1])))}

%Y Cf. A105615, A105626.

%K nonn

%O 0,2

%A _Paul D. Hanna_, Apr 16 2005

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