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A094224 Number of digits in the least n-transposable number. 4
18, 28, 6, 6, 58, 22, 13, 44 (list; graph; refs; listen; history; text; internal format)



A k-transposable number, where 2<=k<=9, is one which is equal to k times the number whose digits are a cyclic permutation of its leftmost digit to the right.

Corresponds to the least value m+1 such that 10*n-1 |10^m - n, or merely to the order of 10 mod (10*n-1). - Lekraj Beedassy, Aug 21 2004

This could be considered the start of the b=10th row in the array defined by T(b,n) = the order of b mod (b*n-1), A002326 in row 2, A003572 in row 3, A003574 in row 4. With this definition, the sequence continues 18, 28, 6, 42, 58, 22, 13, 44, 2, 108, 48, 21, 46, 148, 13, 78, 178, 6, ... - R. J. Mathar, Mar 30 2009


P. Tougne, "Jeux Mathematiques", Prob. 8, pp. 104 and 107 Aug. 1982 issue of Pour La Science (French edition of 'Scientific American'), Paris.


Table of n, a(n) for n=2..9.

K. Matthews, Finding the order a (mod m)


We have the a(4)=6-digit 4-transposable number 410256=4*102564, and the a(5)=6-digit 5-transposable number 714285=5*142857.


A094224b := proc(n, b) numtheory[order](b, b*n-1) ; end: A094224 := proc(n) A094224b(n, 10) ; end: seq(A094224(n), n=2..9) ; # R. J. Mathar, Mar 30 2009


Cf. A092697 (value of the least n-transposable number).

Sequence in context: A138336 A166630 A154920 * A128858 A141782 A093648

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Lekraj Beedassy, May 28 2004



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