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A090413 A Chebyshev transform of 3^n. 0


%S 1,3,8,21,56,150,400,1065,2840,7578,20208,53874,143664,383148,1021728,

%T 2724465,7265240,19374450,51665200,137772246,367392656,979719348,

%U 2612584928,6966873546,18578329456,49542281220,132112749920

%N A Chebyshev transform of 3^n.

%F G.f.: c(-x^2)/(1-3xc(-x^2)), c(x) g.f. of Catalan numbers A000108; a(n)=sum{k=0..n, (k+1)C(n, n/2-k/2)(-1)^(n/2-k/2)(1+(-1)^(n+k))3^k/(n+k+2)}.

%F Conjecture: 3*(n+1)*a(n) -8*(n+1)*a(n-1) +12*(n-2)*a(n-2) +32*(2-n)*a(n-3)=0. - _R. J. Mathar_, Sep 27 2012

%K easy,nonn

%O 0,2

%A _Paul Barry_, Dec 05 2003

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