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A086459 Determinant of the circulant matrix whose rows are formed by successively rotating the vector (1, 2, 4, 8, ..., 2^(n-1)) right. 11
1, -3, 49, -3375, 923521, -992436543, 4195872914689, -70110209207109375, 4649081944211090042881, -1227102111503512992112190463, 1291749870339606615892191271170049, -5429914198235566686555216227881787109375 (list; graph; refs; listen; history; text; internal format)



Note that if the rows are rotated left instead of right, the sign of the terms for which n = 0 or 3 (mod 4) is reversed. The n eigenvalues of these circulant matrices lie on the circle of radius 2(2^n - 1)/3 centered at x = (2^n - 1)/3, y = 0. This sequence can be generalized to bases other than 2 and similar results are true.


Richard Bellman, Introduction to Matrix Analysis, Second Edition, SIAM, 1970, pp. 242-3.

Philip J. Davis, Circulant Matrices, Second Edition, Chelsea, 1994.


Table of n, a(n) for n=1..12.

Eric Weisstein's World of Mathematics, Circulant Matrix


a(n) = (-2^n + 1)^(n-1).

See formulas in A180602, an unsigned version of this sequence with offset 0. [Paul D. Hanna, Sep 11 2010]


a(3) = determinant of the matrix ((1,2,4),(4,1,2),(2,4,1)) = 49. [Corrected by T. D. Noe, Jan 22 2008]


restart:with (combinat):a:=n->mul(-stirling2(n, 2), j=3..n): seq(a(n), n=2..19); # Zerinvary Lajos, Jan 01 2009


Table[x=2^Range[0, n-1]; m=Table[RotateRight[x, i-1], {i, n}]; Det[m], {n, 12}]


Cf. A048954 (circulant of binomial coefficients), A052182 (circulant of natural numbers), A066933 (circulant of prime numbers).

Cf. A180602 (unsigned, offset 0). [Paul D. Hanna, Sep 11 2010]

Sequence in context: A298697 A326218 A203743 * A180602 A326342 A203700

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T. D. Noe, Jul 21 2003



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