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A070327 Smallest nontrivial power of n starting with n and greater than n. 4


%S 256,387420489,4096,59604644775390625,60466176,79792266297612001,

%T 8589934592,984770902183611232881,100,1191817653772720942460132761,

%U 1283918464548864,137858491849,1475789056

%N Smallest nontrivial power of n starting with n and greater than n.

%C a(n) = n ^ A051248(n). [_Reinhard Zumkeller_, Sep 29 2011]

%H Reinhard Zumkeller, <a href="/A070327/b070327.txt">Table of n, a(n) for n = 2..32</a>

%F f[n_] := Block[{k = 2, s = ToString[n]}, While[ StringPosition[ ToString[n^k], s, 1] != {{1, Integer_}}, k++ ]; n^k]; Table[ f[n], {n, 2, 10}]

%Y Cf. A045537, A104782.

%K base,nonn

%O 2,1

%A _Amarnath Murthy_, May 11 2002

%E Edited by _Robert G. Wilson v_, May 14 2002

%E The 15th term is too large to include.

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