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A060164 Number of orbits of length n under the map whose periodic points are counted by A000364. 9
1, 2, 20, 345, 10104, 450450, 28480140, 2423938845, 267208852820, 37037118818700, 6304443126648900, 1292877846962865230, 314390193022547991720, 89447117243116404721950 (list; graph; refs; listen; history; text; internal format)



The sequence A000364 seems to record the number of points of period n under a map. The number of orbits of length n for this map gives the sequence above.


Yash Puri and Thomas Ward, A dynamical property unique to the Lucas sequence, Fibonacci Quarterly, Volume 39, Number 5 (November 2001), pp. 398-402.


Table of n, a(n) for n=1..14.

Y. Puri and T. Ward, Arithmetic and growth of periodic orbits, J. Integer Seqs., Vol. 4 (2001), #01.2.1.


If a(n) is the n-th term of A000364, then the n-th term is u(n) = (1/n)* Sum_{d|n}\mu(d)a(n/d)


u(3) = 20 since the conjectured map whose periodic points are counted by A000364 would have 1 fixed point and 61 points of period 3, so it must have 20 orbits of length 3.


Cf. A000364, A060165, A060166, A060167, A060168, A060169, A060170, A060171, A060172, A060173.

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Thomas Ward (t.ward(AT)uea.ac.uk), Mar 13 2001



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