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A058362 Initial primes of sets of 6 consecutive primes in arithmetic progression. 6
121174811, 1128318991, 2201579179, 2715239543, 2840465567, 3510848161, 3688067693, 3893783651, 5089850089, 5825680093, 6649068043, 6778294049, 7064865859, 7912975891, 8099786711, 9010802341, 9327115723, 9491161423 (list; graph; refs; listen; history; text; internal format)



For all of the terms listed so far, the common difference is equal to 30. These are the smallest such sets.

It is conjectured that there exist arbitrarily long sequences of consecutive primes in arithmetic progression. As of December 2000 the record is 10 primes.

All terms are congruent to 9 mod 14. - Zak Seidov, May 03 2017

The first CPAP-6 with common difference 60 starts at 293826343073 ~ 3e11, cf. A210727. [With a slope of a(n)/n ~ 5e8 this would correspond to n ~ 600.] This sequence consists of first members of pairs of consecutive primes in A059044. Conversely, a pair of consecutive primes in this sequence starts a CPAP-7. This must have a common difference >= 210. As of today, the smallest known CPAP-7 starts at 382003672700092872707633 ~ 3.8e23, cf. Andersen link. - M. F. Hasler, Oct 27 2018


Zak Seidov, Table of n, a(n) for n = 1..102

Jens K. Andersen, The Largest Known CPAP's, updated Sept. 2018

OEIS wiki, Consecutive primes in arithmetic progression, updated Jan. 2020

Index entries for sequences related to primes in arithmetic progressions


Found by exhaustive search for 6 primes that are in arithmetic progression with all other intermediate numbers being composite.

A058362 = { A059044(i) | A059044(i+1) = A151800(A059044(i)) }, A151800 = nextprime. - M. F. Hasler, Oct 30 2018


(PARI) p=c=g=P=0; forprime(q=1, , p+g==(p+=g=q-p)|| next; q==P+2*g&& c++|| c=3; c>5&& print1(P-3*g, ", "); P=q-g) \\ M. F. Hasler, Oct 26 2018


Cf. A006560: first prime to start a CPAP-n.

Cf. A033451, A033447, A033448, A052242, A052243, A058252, A058323, A067388: start of CPAP-4 with common difference 6, 12, 18, ..., 48.

Cf. A054800: start of 4 consecutive primes in arithmetic progression (CPAP-4).

Cf. A052239: starting prime of first CPAP-4 with common difference 6n.

Cf. A059044: starting primes of CPAP-5.

Cf. A210727: starting primes of CPAP-5 with common difference 60.

Sequence in context: A250458 A038131 A081734 * A213463 A175321 A215264

Adjacent sequences:  A058359 A058360 A058361 * A058363 A058364 A058365




Harvey Dubner (harvey(AT)dubner.com), Dec 18 2000


Corrected by Jud McCranie, Jan 04 2001

a(11)-a(18) from Donovan Johnson, Sep 05 2008

Split off comment from name to clarify definition. - M. F. Hasler, Oct 27 2018



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