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A053892 Numbers n such that n^2 contains only digits {1,3,6}. 1


%S 1,4,6,19,56,369,796,1146,1156,3656,8131,19056,40204,81619,258131,

%T 5624381,24762131,362789631,1079982019,11666754546,562726517354,

%U 3337114272296,5624644998854,18266544874814631

%N Numbers n such that n^2 contains only digits {1,3,6}.

%H P. De Geest, <a href="http://www.worldofnumbers.com/threedigits.htm">Squares containing at most three distinct digits, Index entries for related sequences</a>

%H H. Mishima <a href="http://www.asahi-net.or.jp/~KC2H-MSM/mathland/math02/math0210.htm">Squares consisted of 3 different digits</a> [From _Max Alekseyev_, May 30 2009]

%Y Cf. A053893.

%K nonn,base,more

%O 1,2

%A _Patrick De Geest_, Mar 15 2000.

%E More terms from C. Ronaldo (aga_new_ac(AT)hotmail.com), Jan 04 2005

%E Two more terms from _Jon E. Schoenfield_, Sep 03 2006

%E One more term from Mishima's webpage. _Max Alekseyev_, May 30 2009

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