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A051255 Number of cyclically symmetric transpose complement plane partitions in a 2n X 2n X 2n box. 9
1, 1, 2, 11, 170, 7429, 920460, 323801820, 323674802088, 919856004546820, 7434724817843114428, 170943292930264547814443, 11183057455425265737399150652, 2081853548182272792243789109645876 (list; graph; refs; listen; history; text; internal format)



D. M. Bressoud, Proofs and Confirmations, Camb. Univ. Press, 1999; Eq. (6.15), p. 199 (corrected).


Vincenzo Librandi, Table of n, a(n) for n = 0..60

Paul Barry, Jacobsthal Decompositions of Pascal's Triangle, Ternary Trees, and Alternating Sign Matrices, Journal of Integer Sequences, 19, 2016, #16.3.5.

M. T. Batchelor, J. de Gier and B. Nienhuis, The quantum symmetric XXZ chain at Delta=-1/2, alternating sign matrices and plane partitions, arXiv cond-mat/0101385, 2001. See N_8(2n).

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I. Gessel and G. Xin, The generating function of ternary trees and continued fractions, arXiv:math/0505217 [math.CO], 2005.


a(n) ~ exp(1/72) * GAMMA(1/3)^(2/3) * n^(7/72) * 3^(3*n^2 - 3*n/2 + 11/72) / (A^(1/6) * Pi^(1/3) * 2^(4*n^2 - n - 1/18)), where A = A074962 = 1.2824271291... is the Glaisher-Kinkelin constant. - Vaclav Kotesovec, Feb 28 2015

a(n) = Product_{i=0..n-1} (3i+1) C(6i,2i)/(C(4i+1,2i)*(2i+1)), using [Bressoud, Corrections, p. 199: N8]. - M. F. Hasler, Oct 04 2018


For n=0 there is the empty partition by convention so a(0)=1. For n=1 there is a single cyclically symmetric transpose complement plane partition in a 2 X 2 X 2 box so a(1)=1.


A051255 := proc(n) local i; mul((3*i+1)*(6*i)!*(2*i)!/((4*i)!*(4*i+1)!), i=0..n-1); end;


a[n_] := Product[(3*i+1)*(6*i)!*(2*i)!/((4*i)!*(4*i+1)!), {i, 0, n-1}]; Table[a[n], {n, 0, 13}] (* Jean-Fran├žois Alcover, Feb 25 2014 *)


(PARI) a(n)=prod(i=0, n-1, (3*i+1)*(6*i)!*(2*i)!/((4*i)!*(4*i+1)!)); \\ Joerg Arndt, Feb 25 2014

(PARI) A051255(n)=prod(i=0, n-1, (3*i+1)*binomial(6*i, 2*i)/binomial(4*i+1, 2*i)/(2*i+1)) \\ M. F. Hasler, Oct 04 2018


Cf. A049504.

Sequence in context: A295269 A197336 A013050 * A120445 A003088 A121231

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N. J. A. Sloane


More terms from Michel ten Voorde

Missing a(0)=1 term added by Michael Somos, Feb 25 2014



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