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A036972 n-th prime is a Fibonacci number reversed. 2


%S 1,2,3,11,14,137,1005,5324,6486,33326,1847020051726

%N n-th prime is a Fibonacci number reversed.

%C The next reversed Fibonacci number which is a prime number is 940647607443258103531. The next term in the sequence would be the prime index for that prime. - _Harvey P. Dale_, Jun 02 2009

%t Sort[PrimePi/@(Select[FromDigits[Reverse[IntegerDigits[ # ]]]&/@Fibonacci[Range[90]],PrimeQ])] (* _Harvey P. Dale_, Jun 02 2009 *)

%Y Cf. A036797, A036971.

%K nonn,more,base

%O 0,2

%A _N. J. A. Sloane_, _G. L. Honaker, Jr._

%E More terms could be obtained from A036971.

%E One additional term from _Harvey P. Dale_, Jun 02 2009

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