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A035863 Coordination sequence for A_37 lattice. 0


%S 1,1406,494912,77756018,6920161874,398019718826,16094610778352,

%T 485262943621094,11394625956532886,215500967075111278,

%U 3371762603125563792,7714736334288098722

%N Coordination sequence for A_37 lattice.

%D R. Bacher, P. de la Harpe and B. Venkov, Series de croissance et series d'Ehrhart associees aux reseaux de racines, C. R. Acad. Sci. Paris, 325 (Series 1) (1997), 1137-1142.

%D J. Serra-Sagrista, Enumeration of lattice points in l_1 norm, Information Processing Letters, 76, no. 1-2 (2000), 39-44.

%H J. H. Conway and N. J. A. Sloane, Low-Dimensional Lattices VII: Coordination Sequences, Proc. Royal Soc. London, A453 (1997), 2369-2389 (<a href="http://neilsloane.com/doc/ldl7.txt">Abstract</a>, <a href="http://neilsloane.com/doc/ldl7.pdf">pdf</a>, <a href="http://neilsloane.com/doc/ldl7.ps">ps</a>).

%F sum_{d=1}^37 C(38, d) C(m/2-1, d-1) C(37-d+m/2, m/2), where norm m is always even

%K nonn,easy

%O 0,2

%A Serra-Sagrista, Joan; jserra(AT)ccd.uab.es

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