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A004740 Integers in alphabetical order in U.S. English. 8


%S 8,8000000000,8000000008,8000000018,8000000080,8000000088,8000000085

%N Integers in alphabetical order in U.S. English.

%C Jasper Mulder, Jan 25 2010, comments that this sequence is ill-defined, since there are an infinite number of cardinal numbers that start with a 'd', namely all those powers of 10 named decillion, duodecillion and so on (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/English_numerals).

%C However, it would seem then that 'billion' and 'centillion' also precede these, while it is standard (and systematic for this sequence) to refer to such numbers as 'one billion', 'one decillion' etc. - Yasiru Ratnayake, May 03 2012

%D F. Smarandache, Sequences of Numbers Involved in Unsolved Problems, Hexis, Phoenix, 2006.

%H F. Smarandache, <a href="http://www.gallup.unm.edu/~smarandache/Sequences-book.pdf">Sequences of Numbers Involved in Unsolved Problems</a>.

%e The list begins "eight", "eight billion", "eight billion and eight", ...

%Y Cf. A019440, A026081. See A108067 for another version.

%Y Cf. A073327, A152611, A075831.

%K word,nonn,more

%O 1,1

%A _N. J. A. Sloane_, _Neil Fernandez_

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