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A002884 Number of nonsingular n X n matrices over GF(2); order of Chevalley group A_n (2); order of projective special linear group PSL_n(2).
(Formerly M4302 N1798)

%I M4302 N1798

%S 1,1,6,168,20160,9999360,20158709760,163849992929280,

%T 5348063769211699200,699612310033197642547200,

%U 366440137299948128422802227200,768105432118265670534631586896281600

%N Number of nonsingular n X n matrices over GF(2); order of Chevalley group A_n (2); order of projective special linear group PSL_n(2).

%C Also number of bases for GF(2^n) over GF(2).

%C Also (apparently) number of n X n matrices over GF(2) having permanent = 1. - _Hugo Pfoertner_, Nov 14 2003

%C The previous comment is true because over GF(2) permanents and determinants are the same. - _Joerg Arndt_, Mar 07 2008

%C The number of automorphisms of (Z_2)^n (the direct product of n copies of Z_2). - _Peter Eastwood_, Apr 06 2015

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%H T. D. Noe and Seiichi Manyama, <a href="/A002884/b002884.txt">Table of n, a(n) for n = 0..57</a> (first 30 terms from T. D. Noe)

%H Marcus Brinkmann, <a href="https://www.researchgate.net/publication/332564840_Extended_Affine_and_CCZ_Equivalence_Classes_up_to_Dimension_4">Extended Affine and CCZ Equivalence up to Dimension 4</a>, Ruhr University Bochum (2019).

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%H <a href="/index/Di#divseq">Index to divisibility sequences</a>

%H <a href="/index/Gre#groups">Index entries for sequences related to groups</a>

%H <a href="/index/Mat#binmat">Index entries for sequences related to binary matrices</a>

%F Product(2^n-2^i, i=0..n-1); or 2^(n*(n-1)/2) * product( 2^i - 1, i=1..n).

%F a(n) = A203303(n+1)/A203303(n). - _R. J. Mathar_, Jan 06 2012

%F a(n) = (6*a(n-1)^2*a(n-3) - 8*a(n-1)*a(n-2)^2) / (a(n-2)*a(n-3)) for n > 2. - _Seiichi Manyama_, Oct 20 2016

%F a(n) ~ A048651 * 2^(n^2). - _Vaclav Kotesovec_, May 19 2020

%e PSL_2(2) is isomorphic to the symmetric group S_3 of order 6.

%p product(2^n-2^i,i=0..n-1); or 2^(n*(n-1)/2) * product( 2^i - 1, i=1..n);

%t Table[Product[2^n-2^i,{i,0,n-1}],{n,0,13}] (* _Harvey P. Dale_, Aug 07 2011 *)

%t Table[2^(n*(n-1)/2) QPochhammer[2, 2, n] // Abs, {n, 0, 11}] (* _Jean-Fran├žois Alcover_, Jul 15 2017 *)

%o (PARI) a(n)=prod(i=2,n,2^i-1)<<binomial(n,2) \\ _Charles R Greathouse IV_, Jan 13 2012

%Y Column k=2 of A316622 and A316623.

%Y Cf. A000409, A000410, A002820, A005329, A046747, A048651, A028365.

%K nonn,easy,nice

%O 0,3

%A _N. J. A. Sloane_

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