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A002207 Denominators of logarithmic numbers (also of Gregory coefficients G(n)).
(Formerly M2017 N0797)
1, 2, 12, 24, 720, 160, 60480, 24192, 3628800, 1036800, 479001600, 788480, 2615348736000, 475517952000, 31384184832000, 689762304000, 32011868528640000, 15613165568, 786014494949376000, 109285437800448000 (list; graph; refs; listen; history; text; internal format)



Denominator of the determinant of the (n+1)X(n+1) matrix with 1's along the superdiagonal, (1/2)'s along the main diagonal, (1/3)'s along the subdiagonal, etc., and 0's everywhere else. [John M. Campbell, Dec 01 2011]


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Index entries for sequences related to logarithmic numbers


1/log(1+x) = Sum_{n>=-1} (A002206(n)/a(n)) * x^n.

A002206(n)/A002207(n) = 1/n! * Sum_{j=1..n+1} bernoulli(j)/j * S_1(n, j-1), where S_1(n,k) is the Stirling number of the first kind. - Barbara Margolius (b.margolius(AT)csuohio.edu), 1/21/02

G(0)=0, G(n)=Sum_{i=1..n} (-1)^(i+1)*G(n-i)/(i+1)+(-1)^(n+1)*n/(2*(n+1)*(n+2)).

A002206(n)/A002207(n) = 1/(n+1)!*sum(k=0..n+1, stirling1(n+1,k)/(k+1)). - Vladimir Kruchinin, Sep 23 2012

G(n) = integrate(x=0..1, x*(x-n)_n)/(n+1)!, where (a)_n is the Pochhammer symbol. - Vladimir Reshetnikov, Oct 22 2015

a(n) = denominator(f(n+1)), where f(0) = 1, f(n) = Sum_{k=0..n-1} (-1)^(n-k+1) * f(k) / (n-k+1). - Daniel Suteu, Nov 15 2018


Logarithmic numbers are 1, 1/2, -1/12, 1/24, -19/720, 3/160, -863/60480, 275/24192, -33953/3628800, 8183/1036800, -3250433/479001600, 4671/788480, -13695779093/2615348736000, 2224234463/475517952000, ... = A002206/A002207


series(1/log(1+x), x, 25);

with(combinat, stirling1):seq(denom(1/i!*sum(bernoulli(j)/(j)*stirling1(i, j-1), j=1..i+1)), i=1..24);


Table[Denominator[Det[Array[Sum[KroneckerDelta[#1, #2+q]*1/(q+2)^1, {q, -1, n+1}] &, {n+1, n+1}]]], {n, 0, 20}] (* John M. Campbell, Dec 01 2011 *)

a[n_] := Denominator[n!^-1*Sum[BernoulliB[j]/j*StirlingS1[n, j-1], {j, 1, n+1}]]; a[-1] = 1; Table[a[n], {n, -1, 18}] (* Jean-Fran├žois Alcover, May 16 2012, after Maple *)

Denominator@Table[Integrate[x Pochhammer[x - n, n], {x, 0, 1}]/(n + 1)!, {n, -1, 20}] (* Vladimir Reshetnikov, Oct 22 2015 *)


(PARI) a(n) = denominator(sum(k=0, n+1, stirling(n+1, k, 1)/((n+1)!*(k+1)))); \\ Michel Marcus, Mar 20 2018


Cf. A002206, A006232, A006233, A002208, A002209, A002657, A002790, A195189, A270857, A270859.

Sequence in context: A141900 A211374 A126962 * A181814 A232248 A091137

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N. J. A. Sloane.



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