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A002092 From a Goldbach conjecture: records in A185091.
(Formerly M2424 N0959)

%I M2424 N0959

%S 1,3,5,7,17,29,47,61,73,83,277,317,349,419,503,601,709,829,877,1129,

%T 1237,1367,1429,1669,1801,2467,2833,2879,3001,3037,3329,3821,4861,

%U 5003,5281,5821,5897,6301,6329,6421,6481,6841,7069,7121,7309,7873,8017,8597,8821

%N From a Goldbach conjecture: records in A185091.

%C See A002091. The sequence gives the record values of q in the representations minimizing q of 2*n+1 = 2*p+q, p prime, q {1,prime}.

%C Checked up to 2*n = 10^13.

%D Mayoh, Brian H.; On the second Goldbach conjecture. Nordisk Tidskr. Informations-Behandling 6 1966 48-50.

%D N. J. A. Sloane, A Handbook of Integer Sequences, Academic Press, 1973 (includes this sequence).

%D N. J. A. Sloane and Simon Plouffe, The Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences, Academic Press, 1995 (includes this sequence).

%H See A002091.

%H <a href="/index/Go#Goldbach">Index entries for sequences related to Goldbach conjecture</a>

%F a(n) = A185091((A002091(n)+1)/2).

%Y Cf. A002372, A002373, A002374, A002375, A045917, A006307, A002091, A185091, A194828, A194829.

%K nonn

%O 1,2

%A _N. J. A. Sloane_.

%E Comment added, a(19)-a(32) from _Hugo Pfoertner_, Sep 03 2011

%E a(33) from Jason Kimberley, a(34)-a(40) from _Hugo Pfoertner_, Sep 09 2011

%E a(41)-a(49) from _Hugo Pfoertner_, Sep 25 2011

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