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A001334 Number of n-step self-avoiding walks on hexagonal [ =triangular ] lattice.
(Formerly M4197 N1751)
1, 6, 30, 138, 618, 2730, 11946, 51882, 224130, 964134, 4133166, 17668938, 75355206, 320734686, 1362791250, 5781765582, 24497330322, 103673967882, 438296739594, 1851231376374, 7812439620678, 32944292555934, 138825972053046 (list; graph; refs; listen; history; text; internal format)



The hexagonal lattice is the familiar 2-dimensional lattice in which each point has 6 neighbors. This is sometimes called the triangular lattice.


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mo={{2, 0}, {-1, 1}, {-1, -1}, {-2, 0}, {1, -1}, {1, 1}}; a[0]=1;

a[tg_, p_:{{0, 0}}] := Block[{e, mv = Complement[Last[p]+# & /@ mo, p]}, If[tg == 1, Length@mv, Sum[a[tg-1, Append[p, e]], {e, mv}]]];

a /@ Range[0, 6]

(* Robert FERREOL, Nov 28 2018; after the program of Giovanni Resta in A001411 *)



def add(L, x):

    M=[y for y in L]; M.append(x)


plus=lambda L, M : [x+y for x, y in zip(L, M)]

mo=[[2, 0], [-1, 1], [-1, -1], [-2, 0], [1, -1], [1, 1]]

def a(n, P=[[0, 0]]):

    if n==0: return(1)

    mv1 = [plus(P[-1], x) for x in mo]

    mv2=[x for x in mv1 if x not in P]

    if n==1: return(len(mv2))

    else: return(sum(a(n-1, add(P, x)) for x in mv2))

[a(n) for n in range(11)]

# Robert FERREOL, Dec 11 2018


Cf. A001411, A001412, A001336, A001666, A001335, A036418, A192208.

Sequence in context: A002920 A255463 A192208 * A125316 A092439 A082149

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N. J. A. Sloane



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