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A000595 Relations: number of nonisomorphic unlabeled binary relations on n labeled nodes.
(Formerly M1980 N0784)

%I M1980 N0784

%S 1,2,10,104,3044,291968,96928992,112282908928,458297100061728,

%T 6666621572153927936,349390545493499839161856,

%U 66603421985078180758538636288,46557456482586989066031126651104256,120168591267113007604119117625289606148096,1152050155760474157553893461743236772303142428672

%N Relations: number of nonisomorphic unlabeled binary relations on n labeled nodes.

%C Number of orbits under the action of permutation group S(n) on n X n {0,1} matrices. The action is defined by f.M(i,j)=M(f(i),f(j)).

%C Equivalently, the number of digraphs on n unlabeled nodes with loops allowed but no more than one arc with the same start and end node. - _Andrew Howroyd_, Oct 22 2017

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%H <a href="/index/Mat#binmat">Index entries for sequences related to binary matrices</a>

%F a(n) = sum {1*s_1+2*s_2+...=n} (fix A[s_1, s_2, ...] / (1^s_1*s_1!*2^s_2*s_2!*...)) where fix A[s_1, s_2, ...] = 2^sum {i, j>=1} (gcd(i, j)*s_i*s_j) - _Christian G. Bower_, Jan 05 2004

%F a(n) ~ 2^(n^2)/n! [McIlroy, 1955]. - _Vaclav Kotesovec_, Dec 19 2016

%t Join[{1,2}, Table[CycleIndex[Join[PairGroup[SymmetricGroup[n],Ordered], Permutations[Range[n^2-n+1,n^2]],2],s] /. Table[s[i]->2, {i,1,n^2-n}], {n,2,7}]] (* _Geoffrey Critzer_, Nov 02 2011 *)

%t permcount[v_] := Module[{m=1, s=0, k=0, t}, For[i=1, i <= Length[v], i++, t = v[[i]]; k = If[i>1 && t == v[[i-1]], k+1, 1]; m *= t*k; s += t]; s!/m];

%t edges[v_] := Sum[2*GCD[v[[i]], v[[j]]], {i, 2, Length[v]}, {j, 1, i - 1}] + Total[v];

%t a[n_] := (s=0; Do[s += permcount[p]*2^edges[p], {p, IntegerPartitions[n]}]; s/n!);

%t Table[a[n], {n, 0, 15}] (* _Jean-Fran├žois Alcover_, Jul 08 2018, after _Andrew Howroyd_ *)

%o (GAP) NSeq := function ( n ) return Sum(List(ConjugacyClasses(SymmetricGroup(n)), c -> (2^Length(Orbits(Group(Representative(c)), CartesianProduct([1..n],[1..n]), OnTuples))) * Size(c)))/Factorial(n); end; # _Dan Hoey_, May 04 2001

%o (PARI)

%o permcount(v) = {my(m=1,s=0,k=0,t); for(i=1,#v,t=v[i]; k=if(i>1&&t==v[i-1],k+1,1); m*=t*k;s+=t); s!/m}

%o edges(v) = {sum(i=2, #v, sum(j=1, i-1, 2*gcd(v[i],v[j]))) + sum(i=1, #v, v[i])}

%o a(n) = {my(s=0); forpart(p=n, s+=permcount(p)*2^edges(p)); s/n!} \\ _Andrew Howroyd_, Oct 22 2017

%Y Cf. A000273, A001173, A001174.

%K nonn,nice

%O 0,2

%A _N. J. A. Sloane_

%E More terms from _Vladeta Jovovic_, Feb 07 2000

%E Still more terms from _Dan Hoey_, May 04 2001

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