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A000573 Number of 4 X n normalized Latin rectangles. 3
4, 56, 6552, 1293216, 420909504, 207624560256, 147174521059584, 143968880078466048, 188237563987982390784, 320510030393570671051776, 695457005987768649183581184, 1888143905499961681708381310976, 6314083806394358817244705266941952, 25655084790196439186603345691314159616 (list; graph; refs; listen; history; text; internal format)



S. M. Kerawala, The enumeration of the Latin rectangle of depth three by means of a difference equation, Bull. Calcutta Math. Soc., 33 (1941), 119-127.


Sheng Lin, Xiaoguang Liu and Douglas S. Stones, Gang Wang, Table of n, K(4,n) for n=4..150

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Douglas Stones, Doyle's formula for the number of reduced 6xn Latin rectangles

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Index entries for sequences related to Latin squares and rectangles


Cf. A003170, A001009.

Sequence in context: A300513 A089035 A089516 * A070019 A056075 A000315

Adjacent sequences:  A000570 A000571 A000572 * A000574 A000575 A000576




Brendan McKay and Eric Rogoyski



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